I really like music. country is my favorite genre of music.
I like to dance and i LOVE the tv show, so you think you can dance.
I like chicken...ALOT
I like hanging out with my friends.
I'm in colorguard and I really enjoy it:)

1. I've always been interested in the pregnancy and delivery process and I would really enjoy being a part of it.
2. 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, 1 year of internship, residency graduate education for 4-6 years, and completion of the licensing examinations.

1. I would love to be a psychiatrist because I took psychology last year and I loved every second of it. It was so interesting learning about the brain and all the different functions that it can perform.
2. After 4 years of regular college, students go to 4 years of medical school.
3. In order to obtain the training that they need to become a psychiatrist, they do an internship which can last anywhere from 3-8 years. Some medical schools offer internships with them but this would take 6 years instead of the regular 4.

1. The brain is so interesting to me and I would love to learn all about it.
2. 4 years of college
3. 4 years of medical school
4. 6-8 years of residency

the best school EVER!