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i like harry potter (who doesn't?)
i like lost :D :D and i must wait until january for its return:/
i like the beatles.. a lot, oh and the strokes!
i like the outdoors especially when it's breezy/sunny
i like the beach and summer.. yes summer i miss you :(

- Teeth are nice and I enjoy interacting with different people.
Earn a college degree and take pre-dental courses in biology, chemistry and physics.
Take and earn a good score on the Dental Admissions Test (DAT).
Complete four years of dental school. An additional two years or more may be necessary if you choose to specialize.
Take and pass national board exams and state licensure exams.
Dental schools grant doctoral degrees in dentistry. Dental programs in the U.S. must earn accreditation from the American Dental Association every seven years.

Plastic Surgeon-
-Plastic surgery is awesome because it's almost like art, I would love to be able to completely reconstruct somebody's face.

After completing a Bachelor's degree in a pre-medical major, such as biology or chemistry, future plastic surgeons must earn a four-year medical degree (either M.D. or D.O.) from an accredited medical school.
After medical school, plastic surgeons complete 5- or 6-years of residence training. Three years of the surgery training is in general surgery and the final 2 or 3 are specialized for plastic surgery.
Following the residency, plastic surgeons might choose to pursue a specialized fellowship, developing skills in one specific area. Many surgeons also volunteer abroad during this time.

-Psychiatry is fascinating, I love studying about the brain and why people do what they do.

After completing the first four years students enroll in medical school for another four years, where they begin to learn the skills that they will need to

Once they have finished medical school they need to obtain further training and experience before they can practice medicine. This is achieved by doing an internship, which normally ranges from three to eight years. If one would prefer, some medical schools offer the opportunity to do an internship and residency while studying, but these programs normally take six years to complete, compared to the normal four.

University of Texas at Austin School of Natural Sciences (Biology Major)

University of Texas at San Antonio Health Science Center School of Dentistry