1. i have a chihuahua named KILLER!
  2. Im addicted to reality tv shows
  3. I work at H-E-B
  4. don't have a middle name
  5. i more or less have about 20 aunts and uncles


  1. Neonatal Nurse- A neonatal nurse is a registered nurse that specializes in the care of newborn babies during the first twenty-eight days following birth.
    • An associate degree is typically the minimum requirement for becoming a registered nurse
    • a bachelor's degree is required for positions of more responsibility.
    • must also pass a national licensing examination called the NCLEX-RN.
  2. Forensic Scientist- A forensic scientist analyzes physical evidence in support of an investigation.
    • A bachelor's in chemistry, biology, physics or other sciences.
  3. Forensic Nurse- A Forensic Nurse cares for the victims of a crime, but also help to investigate crimes, collect DNA evidence at the scene of a crime, and often testify in court to your findings.
    • start as an RN and enroll in a training program specifically for forensic nurses.
    • Master of Science in Forensic Nursing.