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  • I love to read , my favorite book is The Shack.
  • My favorite movie is Into The Wild.
  • I like watching 90210 and Gossip Girl
  • I like to listen to the Randy Rogers Band and Reckless Kelly.
  • Im obsessed with facebook.

Radiologist: You get to work with all different parts of the body and get to see alot of different diseases and abnormalities.
Radiologists must obtain a batchelors degree, taking courses in biology, chemistry and other sciences.(4 years)
Next you must attend med- school.(4 years)
After med school you have to complete1- 2 years of residency.
Then 2-4 years specializing in radiology.

Interventional Radiologist:Like a radiologist you get to diagnose diseases but you also do some minor but necessary procedures.
Interventional Radiologists have to obtain a batchelors degree , taking courses in biology, chem. and other sciences.(4years)
Next you must attend med-school.(4 years)
After med- school you must complete 1-2 years of residency.
Then 2-4 years specializing in radiology.
Then 1 more year in a interventional radiologist training program.

Cardiologist: The heart fascinates me , I think its amazing how it works
Cardiologist have to obtain a college degree.(4 years)
Next you have to attend med- school. (4 years)
3 years training in internal med.
3 years specializing in cardiology.

Baylor University Medical Center